Coachella Sunday

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Coachella is my favorite 3-day weekend. I feel so silly for loving it so much. But being in the desert with its endless palm trees and mid-century modern architecture, with all my friends, who road tripped out of LA wearing their funnest summer clothes, watching my favorite bands, all convened in one modgepodged festival lineup, couldn’t get much better. Especially this year, when I got to take pictures for Yahoo Style of everyone’s best Coachella looks. I only went to the festival on the final day of Weekend 1. The other two were spent at Coachella parties, and those pictures are soon to come, but Sunday was by far the most memorable.

First I ran into my friend Charlotte, blue-handed from quick melting popsicles, and Pepto-Bismol perfect.
1 charlottepeace

2 charlottedawesartist

8 orwells

9 mario

Watched The Orwells before snapping backstage pics of Mac DeMarco and Eric Andre.

10 mac demarco

11 ericandremacdemarco

11 mac and ari

My best friend/festival companion Arianne was super stoked to meet Mac.

12 mac onstage

14 tyler 16 marina

Found Marina, as in And The Diamonds, sparkling in sequins right before I headed over to Jenny Lewis’ set, where Alana Haim and St. Vincent were waiting backstage.

20 haimstvincent

Jenny was the only performance I decided to go into the photographer pit for.

22 78

29 feet  31 wings

 37 girl on girl

She brought out Haim for a rendition of her new song Girl On Girl.

38 girl on girl  42 jenny lewis show40 girl 43 lola blanc

I loved running into two very fashionable friends- singer Lola Blanc and Tuolomee blogger Tiffany Borland.

44 tiff45 tiff 46 sunset 47 shoes 48 paige 49 haim

52 lens flare

58 trio 59 niki

62 snap 63 louis 64 light 65 struggle 66 charlotte 67 lexianddan

St. Vincent was probably my favorite performance of the day.

69 st vincent

The only picture of my outfit on the right- a vintage romper I got at Squaresville in LA.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to end the day than with the Champagne Papi himself, Sir Aubrey Graham. Arianne and I pushed our way to the front of the crowd to watch Drake, and yeah, that Madonna kiss was just as uncomfortable to watch live as you’d think.

72 drake 73 drake