Friday The 31st

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I wore contacts for the first time on Halloween. I couldn’t see a thing. Everything was white and fuzzy and film gauzy.

Los Angeles has been in the worst drought in a hundred years. I don’t remember the last time it rained. The weather has been beautiful. But on Halloween it rained. I was standing outside on the lawn of a haunted hotel, watching the singer of Maroon 5 drum for Motley Crüe, when I felt water drops on me. I thought people behind me were spilling their drinks and I was terrified I would get pink cranberry-vodka stains on my white silk dress. The awning above me poured stored up droplets of rain on my back and I realized it wasn’t vodka.

They played a few songs- maybe 5- all the hits. I ran inside as soon as it was over and 10 minutes later it poured. The rain periodically ceased then increased before we left for the afterparty. I still couldn’t see a thing. In the bathroom at Mickey’s house, Elaine from Seinfeld helped me take out my contacts. I had never met her before but I let her touch my eye.

Nightmare Doll

motely crue


motley adam

Brandon and Kelly

Rony Ari

American Psycho

8 bar line

9 troop bh

10 Rica

11 Ari and Rica

12 Beso

13 Basic Ghosts

14 Kiss

15 Jenny and Morgan

16 Gomez Morticia

17 Travis

18 Mickey

19 Fall

19 Lexi

20 Ari

21 Catwoman

21 Shark Attack

22 Miley

23 Shell

25 Boot

25 Pink

26 White and Pink

27 Black and White

28 Smoker

29 K and V

30 Ghost

31 DAN

32 Anthony

33 Killer

34 Fight

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