My Coachella Experience: Day 3

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After a sleepless Saturday night, my Sunday started in the afternoon with Blood Orange. Samantha even jumped off the stage and danced with us during instrumental breakdowns.


The main star of my Sunday was beautiful, beautiful Lana. I was tired, exhausted really. Dehydrated, malnourished, dirty, sweaty, and emotionally fragile. She was one of the main three bands I wanted to see that weekend- Solange, Blood Orange, and Lana Del Rey. So Sunday evening I was by myself, in my army jacket and pinup clothes (if only I had pictures) and I almost didn’t make it into the photographer pit. But Lana came out and I forgot everything that was making me stressed and cranky and I got to just bask in her cinematic elegance for awhile, and watch her hug and kiss and take selfies with fans in the front row. Of course it was staged, and a publicity stunt, but the best kind, because those people in the front who waited hours and braved heat stroke and then got to hug and kiss and selfie with Lana were having the greatest moment of their weekend.

090 091 092 093 094 100 101 103 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 260 270 290 291 300

Later I saw Jhene Aiko and Duck Sauce, and photographed festival attendees while I still could. Everyone was dirty and stoned (it was 4/20 after all), but we still had to party for a few more hours…

IMG_1093IMG_1086 IMG_1085IMG_1079 IMG_1105

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