My Coachella Experience: Day 2

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I woke up in Indian Wells on Saturday morning after at most 4 hours of sleep, then drove to the Sagauro Hotel in Palm Springs for the Rhonda, Queen of the Desert pool party.
IMG_0395IMG_0393 IMG_0403 IMG_0414 IMG_0423 IMG_0431 IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0440 IMG_0450

Then off to the festival…
IMG_0455IMG_0458IMG_6907 copyIMG_6912 copy

I wore a vintage petticoat and Urban Outfitters shades.

IMG_6918 copy

The one performance I wanted to see on Saturday was Solange.  I recently became obsessed with Blood Orange, which lead to an obsession with Solange’s True ep, produced by Dev Hynes. Solange may share DNA with Queen Beyoncé, but their musical personalities are drastically different. Solange is more soul than pop, more groove than twerk, and prefers lyrics about unrequited love and breakups over candy paint and cherry out. She closed her set with Losing You, and not a single person in the Mojave tent could resist dancing.

IMG_0504 IMG_0480


IMG_0526 IMG_0538 IMG_0548IMG_0587IMG_0639 IMG_0610 IMG_0613IMG_0620


I wandered around and found my new favorite Ukrainian babe, Kat.
IMG_0671 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0693 IMG_0701


I watched some of Skrillex’s set from the very back row with my friend Myles.

After that, the night became very surreal. From being too far to even see him on the stage, I was suddenly transported to the backyard of Skrillex’s Coachella house, where the party didn’t really get started until around 4 am. Surely I was sleep deprived, malnourished, and dehydrated, but bottomless vodka-Redbulls had me feeling like I owned the world.

IMG_0710 IMG_0711

The sun started to come up and I was sitting on the grass in my white petticoat babydoll dress, feeling like this wasn’t real life at all. The twilight dusky grey-blue light of the sun not being quite up, mixed with the vodka in my blood, gave me goggles where everything had film grain and amplified colors.


Elle looked like a nymph fairy Penny Lane.


IMG_0722IMG_6937 copy

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